I began my trek toward a career in music singing in the children’s choir in church, then picking up the trombone in elementary school. My formative years, however, were spent singing with the Seattle Girls’ Choir through junior high and high school. It was this experience that gave me an ear and great love for writing choral music. In grade 12 I entered my piece Jesu Dulcis Memoria in to Opus 7’s All Northwest Student Choral Composer Competition, in which I won first place for the high school division. Hearing my composition performed live for the very first time changed my life.

In the fall of 2000, I began music studies at Western Washington University, intending on majoring in music education, but after one quarter decided instead to pursue a degree in music composition. During my first year I continued to study voice, but following years only carried on studying trombone under Greg Cox. I studied composition with Dr. Roger Briggs. In 2005 I received my Bachelor of Music in Music Composition.

After graduating I returned to Seattle and used my music degree testing software at a wireless telecommunications company. Actually, the two had very little to do with each other. Outside of work I worked with my church choir, occasionally directing and writing music for them. I also played my trombone around town, substituting with groups such as the Rainier Symphony Orchestra.

In 2007 I met Joel, a sailor in the Canadian Navy and married in him August of 2008. After seven months of us living apart, I moved to Victoria, BC where we live together with our West Highland Terriers, Islay and Iona. I am currently involved with my church choir and teach private trombone lessons. I spend the rest of my time writing music, Scottish Country Dancing, learning the banjo, taking photographs, surfing, ballroom dancing, and generally enjoying my new home. Most recently, I gave birth to our amazing son, Edmund Charles in July and he keeps me more than busy.

My husband and I at our son's baptism

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